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Diabase cone machine

Diabase cone machine/diabase crushing equipment/diabase crushing production line
Processing range: finished aggregate graded crushed stone
Application: Highway Green Building Materials

Material introduction
Diabase is a superior building material, can be used as building stone or craft stone, and is a raw material for cast stone. Those with uniform texture and no cracks can be used as raw materials for stone, and those with fine grains are especially preferred. For example, "Luodian Green" in Guizhou, "Malachite Green" in Linhai, Zhejiang, "Five Dragon Green" and "Chrysanthemum Green" in Henan, "Taibai Green" and "Beiyue Black" in Shanxi belong to this category.
Diabase is commonly used for:
1. Crushed stone for good asphalt concrete on highway.
2. Powder for chemical viscose.
3. It is used for the lining of various equipment and various types of parts such as joints, casing, grate, etc.


Process advantage
Strong technical strength, high degree of intelligence
Through the analysis of a large number of technical achievements and specific working conditions, a number of scientific research results and practical experience are integrated, so that the actual application and operation and maintenance of the process can reach a more intelligent level, ensuring stable, efficient and low-consumption production of equipment.
Green environmental protection, energy saving and low consumption
Respond to the national environmental protection call and design the process in accordance with the national environmental protection standards. With strong technical support, we continuously improve the process flow, effectively deal with the generated dust, and reduce environmental noise. Ensure that every customer has no worries in the future.
Optimized process design, tailor-made, strong practicality
Based on strong technical strength and referring to many years of customer case experience, we tailor a design plan for each customer, continuously optimize the process, and ensure that the equipment meets the needs of users for different configurations under the same conditions of use.
Stable overall operation, simple operation and convenient maintenance
High-quality raw materials and reliable design reduce operating risks by simplifying the operation of the production line, making operations easier and maintenance more convenient, effectively reducing labor and time operating costs, and creating greater value for customers.
Reasonable plan design, high cost-effective investment, low cost
Through the professional inspection of materials, the full survey of the customer's on-site construction environment, and scientifically design the plan for the customer, ensure that the entire production line is reasonably configured and the layout structure is compact to ensure the customer's return on investment.
Large processing capacity, high efficiency, fast return on investment
High-strength and durable equipment performance ensures the normal and stable operation of a single equipment in this process production line. Maintain high production, high efficiency and low cost during continuous operation, so as to meet the higher requirements of customers.


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